What is Electronic media?

Electronic media definition – Electronic media is the media that one can share on any electronic device for the audiences viewing, unlike static media (Printing) electronic media is broadcasted to the wider community. Examples of Electronic media are things such as the television the radio, or the wide internet.

What is the purpose of using Electronic media?

The purpose of using electronic media can be for many reasons, one of the reasons is that you can use it to market yourself and anything else from businesses to products and so on. Electronic media is an efficient way to communicate to one another, either by the use of media devices and networks or social media sources such as Television or the Internet these are a few of the many ways you can use Electronic media to your advantage.

What are the different types of Electronic media?

There is a wide range of Electronic media that broadcast a variety of different things like advertisements and promotions. Different Electronic media types are below:

• Television
• Radio
• Internet
• Shops

Television is one of the most used Electronic media devices because franchises can pay for advertisements to show millions of people, thus bringing in more business for the franchise owner.
The Radio is similar but does not give the audience visuals, just sound. This method of Electronic media can be effective and much more affordable than Television but does not engage the listeners as much as visual ads.
The Internet is one of the most profitable Electronic media devices, with a single click of a button ads will fill the webpage and is definite to catch a few glimpses for fellow web surfers. This not only spreads through Electronic media but can profit the creator of the web page throughout time.
Shops have Electronic media in most places, whether it be on an electric billboard or ATM screen Electronic media is sure to be in almost everywhere you go.

What’s involved with selecting Electronic media?

Well this depends on what type of business you have and whether you wish to use Electronic media or not, most or almost all business use Electronic media in some way to attract new or more customers, just say you choose to advertise using Facebook which is a basic Electronic media module which you can use to your advantage, businesses usually use the “check-in” method where if you check into their store they will give you something in return, either a discount or some points on a membership card, this generates more customer flow to the store and in turn allows more profit to be made.

How does the selection of Electronic media fit into the process of conducting e-commerce marketing?

Electronic media is the basis of e-commerce marketing, firstly you will need a method of approach whether you would like to use online marketplaces or social/mail like places to promote your business, then soon after obtaining online contacts you will be seeing customers showing up to your business or buying from your online market.

How does Electronic media impact on business performance?

Electronic media is a way for your business to be heard but not only heard, seen too. As your Business becomes its own entity online, you have a brand and your brand has a face, if managed well it is sure to increase revenue. If not then your business may struggle to get back up from the floor with many other competitors.

What terms are used for Electronic media?

  • Broardcasting: To transmit or sent information through the use of various Electronic media devices.
  • Media: The wide world of mass communication through Electronic media.